About TSR

TimeSheet Reporter is a software company offering the best timesheet reporting solution on the market.

TSR makes it possible to report time on organizations, projects and activities from your MS Outlook Calendar.

The employees at most organizations today use Microsoft Outlook® as their calendar system. TimeSheet Reporter® builds on that, and makes it possible to use your Outlook calendar for timesheet reporting tasks.

When creating an appointment in Microsoft Outlook® you can now also choose a proper organization, project and activity, defined by you, and have this in your appointment. Click submit when you have finished your day or week or appointment and the time spent on various projects or activities is registered (includes supervisor approval). Via the administration module you can furthermore manage users (for example import them from AD), rights, get reports on time spend, and much more. You can then also integrate this information with your other systems such as ERP, CRM, Accounting, etc., and use that information in your project management, billing, etc. You can also integrate information from these systems into TimeSheet Reporter® so that you can keep using your existing projects and activities, without having to create them all over again.

It doesn’t have to be, with TimeSheet Reporter®, using your Microsoft Outlook® calendar.

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