Track Project Time

Track Project Time – How To Do It Effortlessly

It is important to track project time for any business, small or large. When you track project time, you become aware of the actual number of hours you spend on each project. This helps your business in billing your customers more accurately, in evaluating which internal projects need to work more efficiently and also in planning future projects. There are many ways in which businesses choose to track project time, though many use one or other form of software to do so accurately.

One of the most popular ways to track project time is of course by using spreadsheets. By entering details such as the nature of the project, detailed list of activities associated with each project and time taken to finish each one of them, a project manager should be able to have a good idea of how much time it takes to complete a certain project. However, there are two major problems associated with this. For one, spreadsheets used in this manner to track time have the users manually entering the times and this always leads to errors in the number of hours actually required to finish a task. Secondly, for payroll calculations, almost all administrative authorities prefer that employees submit a timesheet that contains details of the number of hours spent on any task.

Track Project Time

Track Project Time

Obviously, if an employee has to spend time making entries into a worksheet for a project – possible multiple worksheets if the person is working across multiple projects and also track project time, the person is spending way too much time in making these entries. There is a need for a better system that will help track project time as also help administrators in quickly approving timesheets, making payroll calculations and billing clients.

TimeSheet Reporter is one such system. It enables users to submit their timesheets through their Microsoft Outlook Calendar and also track project time easily.

Projects that involve many team members require a very efficient way to track project time and also of accurately preparing the timesheet as well as submitting it on time. TimeSheet Reporter takes care of all these requirements and more. If team members are using the Outlook calendar to track project time, they can add any extra information that they want to, regarding the project they are working on, the specific activity they are completing and once they are done with the task, they can simply submit the report to their supervisor. If the user is working on multiple projects at the same time, there is also the facility of updating all un-submitted timesheets and then submitting them in one go.

Obviously, being able to track project time effectively helps project managers see emerging problems before they develop into major problems and impact the final outcome of the project. TimeSheet Reporter helps employees and project managers relate all the resources associated with a project such as a schedule and various tasks using Microsoft Outlook calendar and then track project time for the tasks.

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